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What Is Transforming Healthcare

Welcome to Transforming Healthcare, where we help healthcare providers unlock the power of data analytics to transform their businesses. Our interactive and customizable dashboards and reports provide a clear and comprehensive view of your operations, so you can make informed decisions that drive patient health.

Whether you’re a physician, clinic, hospital, or ACO, we provide insights that help you stay ahead of the curve and maximize your potential.

Transforming healthcare by turning data into actionable outcomes.

Using Data

...to improve health outcomes, quality, and efficiency of care

Analyzing Data

...to understand referral patterns and how to reduce leakage

Simplifying Data

...from a complex state into an easy-to-use format

Providing Insights

...that can help increase efficiency, productivity, compliance, and accuracy


Platform & Services


Our user-friendly dashboards allow you to easily access and interpret key data points, giving you a clear picture of your business's performance.


By leveraging data analytics, we help you visualize your market strengths and identify opportunities for growth in your patient pool.

Organization Overview

Our software provides a comprehensive view of your organization's data, allowing you to gain complete insight into your operations and identify areas for improvement.


We take raw clinical and claims data and transform it into actionable insights, giving you the information you need to make informed decisions.

Clear Presentation

Our focus on presenting data in an easily understandable format ensures that you can quickly access and act on critical information.


With our software's actionable insights, your team can make better decisions and drive meaningful improvements across your organization.

See Us In Action

Experience the power of our analytics firsthand: Enter a physician’s NPI number and discover instant insights

clients & partners

We Serve

At Transforming Healthcare, we work with a variety of healthcare organizations.

We believe that our data analytics services can benefit any healthcare provider looking to improve their operations, drive better patient outcomes, and achieve greater success. Whether you’re a small clinic or a large ACO, we’re here to help you transform your business through the power of data.

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)

Physician Health Organizations (PHOs)

Independent Physicians Associations (IPAs)

Clinics of all sizes & Self-Insured Employers

Value Based Care


Do you know why your Doctors are not getting credit for the patients they see?


When your Primary Care Physicians make a referral, do you know who has the highest quality as well as being cost effective?


Are your Patients healthier or are you not getting full credit for the level of care?


Do you know where the dollars are being spent? Is it a good value?

If you have asked any of these questions to your ACO, we will be able to help make actionable items out of all the data.


Transforming Healthcare

A Healthcare analytics company committed to providing actionable insight.